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When oh when?

Discussion in 'AUDI Q1 Information and Specifications' started by Andrew Welch, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Andrew Welch

    Andrew Welch New Member

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    My local dealer is adamant that the Q2 (or even Q1) doesn't exist other than in the imagination of journalists. I find this hard to believe - has anyone got any concrete evidence as to when it will be available in the UK. I really want one.
  2. macca

    macca Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi Andrew,

    Welcome to the forum, sorry for the late reply but the Q1 is now almost certainly going to be called the Q2 after the naming issue with the fiat group seems to have been resolved.

    Pop over to the as we have more people signing up there so more activity.

    Your dealer has it completely wrong as the launch of a new compact crossover in Europe was officially confirmed by Audi over 2 years ago although it was then going to be called the Q1 because the fiat group owned the naming rights to Q2, however that appears to have been resolved as I have posted a link on to the official Audi press release confirming both the Q2 and a new Q5 for 2016.

    In fairness to your dealer they are never told of new products until Audi etc want them to start taking orders as they fear it will hit current model sales along with delaying people's decision to buy.

    Hope that helps you and I look forward to seeing you over at the new site,

    great to hear from you,

    Andy - forum admin

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